Where Do You Stand On Religious Liberty?

View Notes Do you know where you stand when it comes to politics? In this video, Pastor George Pearsons, from Eagle Mountain International Church and Kenneth Copeland Ministries, explains that to make a biblically based decision about how you vote, you must first examine the two political platforms—Democrat and Republican. A platform is something you stand on, and the decisions politicians make are based largely on the platform of their party. When you go to cast your vote, first determine which platform best aligns with how the kingdom of God operates—on abortion, same-sex marriage, and religious rights in America. If you vote for a politician connected with a platform that promotes an issue that is not in line with God’s Word, you become an accomplice to that wickedness. What about not voting at all? It can be tempting to remain neutral in difficult election cycles, but the Lord will hold us all responsible for how we choose to vote—even if we abstain from voting at all. Your vote is your God-given responsibility and the seed that will produce your future environment. So, sow a seed of obedience with your vote. Then, no matter what the outcome, continue to walk by faith, believe God, and be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. How do you vote? Vote the platform. Protect religious rights in America. Everything that is going wrong in our nation is not to be laid at the feet of the politicians, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Independents or the Libertarians. It is laid at the feet of the Body of Christ. We are the ones with authority over the devil and we are the ones who are responsible. Our religious rights in America depend on it. This message was taken from the Where Do You Stand sermon series by Pastor George Pearsons. To view all messages in this series, including “Where Do You Stand on Abortion?” and “Where Do You Stand on Same-Sex Marriage?and to download the study guide, go to: https://www.emic.org/blog/platforms/