Thank you for your interest in carrying the America Stands 2018 Midterm LIVE Election coverage, happening on Nov. 6, 2018 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, on your network, TV station, website or social media channel.

America Stands was founded by a group of Christian leaders determined to create video programming that provides election coverage in a spirit of faith.

Streaming LIVE from the grounds of Eagle Mountain International Church/Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas, America Stands features up-to-the-minute reporting and commentary without the fearmongering so prevalent on today’s media outlets.

To carry our show on your network or TV station: 

Satellite Downlink Specifications: For those who use the Satellite Feed they need to know that we use a Standard Definition 480i widescreen anamorphic format.

For those who chose to use IP or Roku® it is an HD 720p format and it looks the best of the two formats.

• Satellite: Galaxy 16 (99 degrees West orbital slot)
• Band: C-band
• Transponder: 7
• Polarization: Vertical up / Horizontal down
• Downlink frequency: 3832.50 MHz
• L-band downlink frequency: 1317.50 MHz
• IF Frequency : 62.50
• Content: Standard Definition (SD) video with embedded stereo audio channel(s)
• Encoding: MPEG-4/AVC H.264
• Transport (Raw) Data rate: 5.4 Mbps
• Symbol rate: 2.4 Mbps/(Mbaud)
• Allocated BW: 3.0 MHz
• Transmission standard: DVB-S2
• Modulation: QPSK
• FEC: ¾ rate
• Roll off: 0.20
• Pilots: Off

To receive the IP Address for Streaming, contact Tom Cunningham at

Roku channel for Streaming: Install BVOVN channel from religious category on Roku

Ways to Watch:

You can also watch America Stands on BVOVN® on Dish® Channel 265,, Roku®, Apple TV®, Amazon devices, Android devices—and live on YouTube® and Facebook™.

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