The Foundation of the Constitution Is the Bible

A Must-Watch Series for Every Conservative American!

The Constitution is a biblical document—not a godless one! In the videos below, hear Eagle Mountain International Church pastors, George and Terri Pearsons and Wallbuilders’ David Barton discuss how the foundation of the Constitution is the Bible. Learn why it matters as you prepare to vote in the upcoming midterm elections!

Recent Episodes from VICTORY Channel Original, Believer’s Voice of Victory.

The Unique Language of the Constitution and the Bible
The Constitution Is a Biblical Document
Vote for God-Fearing Leaders
The Nature of Our Founding Fathers
The Testimonies of Our Founding Fathers

Vote the Bible

Only 2.8% of pastors in America are teaching their congregations how to take what the Bible says and apply it to current issues facing our nation. Pastor George Pearsons is leading the way for EMIC and Victory Channel viewers by sharing the importance of voting the Bible in the 2022 midterm elections. Below are additional videos to help you learn more about what the Bible says on important issues, so you can be equipped to vote for righteousness!

The Devil Can’t Steal My Vote
Protect the Unborn
Good King Bad King

Your vote is your voice—Raise your voice with your vote!